He·li·os – The ancient Greek god of the sun; drove his chariot across the sky from east to west each day;


Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. Although the FAQ section below covers most of the general topics of what we are, we’re sure you may have more specific questions to ask – So feel free to contact us by phone or email and we’ll help get you familiar with Helios Aerial.

Where is Helios Aerial located?

We are located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, but travel regionally and worldwide to shoot projects for a diverse group of clients and companies.

What is the flight time of your aircraft?

There are many variables that affect flight time. We are equipped with multiple batteries and an advanced field charging station. Downtime for charging batteries is almost non-existent.

What is the maximum range of the multi-roters?

It’s further than we’d like to test but we typically keep our drones within 200 yards of the operator.

What are the advantages of your UAVs opposed to a real helicopter?

Our multi-rotor can go where a full size helicopter cannot. We create dynamic shots by placing our copter right in the middle of the action. Remote operated helicopters are not a replacement for full size helicopters. We provide the “detail shots” a real helicopter cannot get.

What do you charge for aerial videos & photos?

Every project and client is unique. We’d be more than happy to have a free consultation to discuss your ideas and project. Use our contact page or email chris@heliosaerial.com to discuss pricing.

Is it safe and can you fly indoors?

We take safety seriously. We have multiple procedures in place to prevent accidents. Our copter was built with fail-safes and we are fully insured. Our aircraft can operate indoors but everything depends on the size of the space and would have to be determined before guaranteeing indoor flight.

Do you offer more than aerial cinematography & photography?

Yes, we offer full service video production, including editing, color grading, sound design and audio mixing.

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